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Press Release of Senator Flake

Statement by Senators McCain and Flake on Navajo Generating Station

Friday, January 4, 2013

Contact: Genevieve Rozansky

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) today released the following joint statement regarding the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior, and the Department of Energy’s joint statement outlining the Obama Administration’s “specific goals” for the Navajo Generating Station (NGS), the largest coal-fired power plant in the West:
“We are encouraged by the agencies’ recognition of the complex and ‘critical roles’ NGS plays in meeting water and power needs of tribal and non-Indian communities throughout the Southwest.

“Nevertheless, we remain concerned about the lack of specificity on what this agreement means for the millions of Arizonans, Californians and Nevadans who rely on the plant’s continued operation for delivering affordable electricity and water to our homes and businesses.
“Today’s statement fails to resolve the paramount issue before EPA; whether EPA will impose costly and unnecessary visibility regulations that threaten to shutter NGS. Arizonans deserve a commitment from EPA that upholds federal trust responsibilities without penalizing tribal and non-Indian economies.
“During her remaining time at the EPA, we call on Administrator Lisa Jackson to clear the air on the Administration’s true intentions towards the NGS and unequivocally state that EPA’s original Best Available Retrofit Technology proposal for the plant is incompatible with the stated goals of this interagency agreement.”    

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