Jeff Flake - U.S. Senator ~ Arizona

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When it comes to national security, Sen. Flake believes the United States should set the example for the rest of the world to follow. He believes that ensuring national security is the primary role of the federal government, and that there can be no national security without a robust military force – supported by a strong intelligence apparatus and domestic law enforcement – to serve as a deterrent to those who would harm our nation.   

Sen. Flake supports the use of force when the country’s national interests are at risk. He also believes that the intelligence community must be provided with the necessary tools and resources to do its job, but that we must remain vigilant about protecting American citizens’ civil liberties in the process.

Sen. Flake recognizes that robust national security needs a robust fighting force, and continually seeks ways to eliminate wasteful spending in the Pentagon budget that distracts from our military strength.    

Sen. Flake believes that looking out for our nation’s veterans is an important part of keeping our nation’s commitment to its military members strong.

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