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VIDEO: Flake Repeats Attempt to Secure Immediate Passage of Bipartisan “Three-for-Three” DACA Compromise

Will continue effort until Senate agrees on deal to protect DACA recipients and improve border security

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) today returned to the Senate floor for the fourth time to request immediate passage of his bipartisan bill to provide a temporary solution for the thousands of DACA recipients facing potential deportation. The “three-for-three” proposal, introduced with U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) on Feb. 27, would extend Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program protections for three years and provide $7.6 billion to fully fund the first three years of the administration’s border security proposal. While Flake’s effort was again blocked through an objection, he vowed to return to the floor frequently until the Senate reaches a DACA deal.

“The recent action by some of our colleagues in the House has once again raised the issue of immigration and border security. I am the first to admit this solution is far from perfect, but it offers a temporary fix to these crucial issues and provides all sides of this debate with just enough of what they want. To put it as bluntly as possible, this simply is not something we are allowed to ignore,” said Flake. “There are many people whose lives and well-being depend on our ability to deliver meaningful results.”

For more info on the Flake-Heitkamp bill, click here.

To watch video of Flake’s floor speech, click here.


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Mr. President, I rise today to fulfill a promise to continue to advocate for a solution that would address the critical issues of securing the border and protecting young immigrants impacted by an uncertain future, those who are a part of the DACA program.

Last month, I again offered legislation to extend the DACA program for three years and to provide three years of increased funding for border security, the so-called three for three program.

I think this is a way that we can reach a compromise on this issue that will do two important things. One, provide much needed funding to secure the border. Being from a border state like Arizona, I certainly understand that. We need a more secure border. We need additional resource, including barriers and technology and manpower. And this legislation would provide that.

At the same time, it would provide protection for those kids numbering about 800,000 much more eligible as well who face an uncertain future because we haven't been able to extend or to make permanent this program. These are kids, by the way, who are brought across the border through no fault of their own when they were about average, I think median age of two and a half or so. I'm sorry, I think 6 years old median age. But it's not their fault that they were brought here this way. But they are for all intents and purposes American, everything without the papers. Many of them graduated from college now and face an uncertain future in the job market. Many of them are in school looking to continue that education. Many of them have served in our military. We've got to do right by them and do what's good for the country as well. And I think this legislation would do that.

Unfortunately, some of the colleagues here have repeatedly chosen to block the measure.

I'm first to admit that this solution is far from perfect. We need to do a lot of other aspects with immigration reform. We need to address long-term labor needs as well as a more permanent solution for those who are here illegally, who weren't brought across the border as children. But this is a compromise that can pass.

Given the action the last couple of days in the house where you have a group of house members, Republicans and Democrats, looking to force that body to finally take action on this, it's time again to have the Senate make another attempt.

Therefore, I seek unanimous consent that the senate would proceed to the immediate consideration of calendar number 300, H.R. 1551. I further ask that the Flake substitute amendment at the desk be considered and agreed to, the bill as amended be considered and read a third time and passed, and that the motions to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table.