Jeff Flake - U.S. Senator ~ Arizona

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Sen. Flake believes that looking out for our nation’s veterans is an important part of keeping a strong commitment to our military members, and that Congress has a duty to keep its promises to veterans.

He continues to help countless veterans in Arizona receive assistance and recognition from the federal government, as he did for the 12 years he served in the House. Sen. Flake also has a record of standing up to congressional leaders who have tried to use the popularity of veterans funding to pass unrelated spending items. Congress should never use veterans funding to pass bills that would not pass on their own merit and that would exacerbate our country's fiscal crisis.

Sen. Flake has worked with the department of Veterans Affairs to ensure good stewardship of taxpayer dollars and that veterans are getting the services they need. Throughout his time in Congress, Sen. Flake has supported expanding and enhancing veterans’ benefits by cosponsoring and voting in favor of such legislation.     

He has protected healthcare for veterans by voting for bills that safeguard services, and has supported bills that promote better healthcare for veterans. Because veterans cannot receive the proper care they need without the proper facilities, Sen. Flake has repeatedly supported the construction and leasing of many veterans' healthcare facilities. 

Sen. Flake is proud to have cosponsored and supported legislation to safeguard the Second Amendment rights of veterans. He has also created a Veterans Advisory Committee so that he can hear directly from Arizona veterans about the issues they are facing.


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